Tv Set Design


The workshop is organized by ISAD in cooperation with MEDIASET; the students will visit the Mediaset Production Area and will meet the set designers and the security chief. The course proposes to deal with all the themes of the different TV shows (their relation with the scene), through the realization of projects, chosen from the various forms of TV programs (fiction, talk show, etc…). The atelier is composed of a first theoretic part including an introduction with a focus on the peculiarity of the television language enriched by a meeting with an expert of communication who will explain the importance of “the image composition” in relation with television, production and photography direction. The second part of the atelier will include the development of the project workshop through the scenography design approach and techniques. Themes:

  • Think the television scene: its connection with theatre, cinema and other forms of representation and performances. 
  • The point of view: the “private” theatrical eye; the eye in movement, one for all of the cinema; the simultaneous eyes of the cameras, grouped all together during the editing in one vision; the “gaps”. 
  • The clients: the producer, the authors, the directions.
  • The electronic eye: how it influences forms and colours; “the imperfect mean”.  
  • Lighting: the fundamental relation between the director of photography: the lighting fonts projected in the scene.
  • Techniques of construction: the structure; the materials, the “assemble and disassemble”; the specialized laboratories; the fiction.
  • Topics: Quiz show, Talk show, Variety, Kids set playground, Sit-com, TV news, Fiction.