New Tech-Style 1st Level Master - 60 CFU Credits


The Poli.Design Consorzio of the Politecnico di Milano and ISAD, Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design together with the Confindustria associations of Bergamo, Como and Lecco and their member companies are organising the first first-level Master's Degree in New Tech Style Design, textile experiences, to enhance, develop and promote Italian textile products through research, innovation and collaboration.
The purpose of the Master's Degree is increase knowledge of textiles, not only in terms of possible applications in the sectors of fashion and design, and, at the same time, to prepare and develop a system of skills aimed at innovating textiles for both the clothing and furnishings and home markets: industrial design expertise aimed at product innovation, not only in aesthetic-formal terms, but also in the performance of materials, comfort and ergonomics, and process innovation aimed at simplifying, optimising and increasing the quality of processes.
To see the students' projects of the Master:

The educational model adopted anticipates the development of multidisciplinary didactic activities provided by teachers from the INDACO department of the Politecnico di Milano and instructors and representatives of the companies and professions involved. The project proposes innovative teaching methods that include the following activities:

  • basic educational activities with a multidisciplinary approach that provides basic sector knowledge completed by critical study seminars;
  • specialised educational activities that develop and extend the specific professional characteristics of the  discipline layout.
  • laboratory educational activities that form participants with different approaches and backgrounds into groups to work on projects with the support of a multidisciplinary team of instructors; the anticipated activities will simulate the design process applied to a specific theme and resulting in the production, visualisation and communication of an integrated project; 
  • educational activities “in the field” that include corporate tours and participation in trade fairs or events relevant to the topics confronted during the Master's programme;
  • professionally oriented activities intended to apply, develop and implement the skills acquired at participating companies and that include internships at qualified organisations in the sector.

Our teachers are all professionals actively operating in the field of design who enrich their teaching with the experiences in the business world.