Interior Design 1st Level Master - 60 ECTS Credits


The First Level Master, accredited by E.A.B.H.E.S., is open to graduate students in Architecture, Design and Engineering who intend to deepen their own qualification up to the level of details and in interior architecture.
At the end of the course the student earn 60 ECTS credits.
The course relates particularly to the Italian experience and more specifically to the Milan experience and reality. Six workshops deal with specific themes of interior architecture. Each project is organized with the collaboration of a client (agency, public administration, private client) who simulates a real professional condition with the presentation of a precise project program and a final verification of the workshop results. Besides delivering the widening program, the specialized teaching contributes directly in the activity of the workshops developing parts of the project to which it particularly refers.
ISAD Interior Design Master is under sponsorship of Milan’Architects Order.
During the course, all students will make an internship in a Firm or Architecture Studio, completely provided by ISAD. 
The Master is in English and Italian language.

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  • Workshop 1: Hotel Design
  • Workshop 2: Exhibit Design
  • Workshop 3: Sustainable Housing
  • Workshop 4: Shop Design
  • Set TV Design
  • Product Design
  • Thematic Workshop
  • Dissertation


  • Technology of Materials 
  • Lighting Techniques


  • Project Portfolio
  • Internship


Our teachers are all professionals actively operating in the field of design who enrich their teaching with the experiences in the business world.
Coordinator: arch. Marinella Jacini -

Beginning: November 5th, 2018
End: July 2019
Attendance: is compulsory
Enrollment deadline: September 28th, 2018
For obtain more information about the enrollment click here or go to web section named Admission.

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