Computer Design


The computer design professional courses are proposed to supply an adequate acquaintance of programs cad of vectorial type and programs of graphical management of type raster for the bidimensional and three-dimensional digital representation of the landscape plan. Particularly, the procedures and the basic processes of the computerized design will be analyzed. The course is articulated in theoretical and practical lessons that, starting from the learned instruments, will gradually carry the student to compete with the topics own of the digital representation also by means of the deepening of specific cases study and supplying the necessary competences for the creation of “digital models” and for the creation on paper of the plan tables. 
Lessons and practices will be mainly carried out by Autocad, 3DStudio and Illustrator concerning the management of vectorial files; Photoshop and Indesign for the production, management and prints of raster files. The aim of Adobe Photoshop’s integration is to give the bases of the software introducing the fundamental concepts of the digital graphic and introducing the work landscape in its interface. Photoshop is introduced also as a tool directed to correct and to improve the quality of the rendering with 3DStudio, through tools of photo editing and postproduction of the image. At the end, the student will be able to use all the main functions of the program, to know and to manage the raster images in the various graphical formats for the use oriented to print and to the publication on the web, to use advanced functionalities in order to produce photomontages, to optimize photographic releases and to realize graphical elaborations. As final result of the bidimensional representation, construction of the three-dimensional model, rendering, post-production and photo editing, the students will be held to elaborate a final plan table through the use of Adobe Indesign and Illustrator of which the necessary operations for the definitive layout of the tables will be illustrated.
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The topics of ISAD computer design are the following: 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD 2D/3D, Photoshop, Illustrator e Indesign.